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Reprogram your subconscious mind with healthy, holistic beliefs.

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The accredited HuMethod™ life-altering spiritual exercises I use in my practice, will transform the way you see, feel, experience, and create the life you desire – permanently!
The Healing Paradox
What happened to me wasn't my fault. It is my responsibillity to heal.
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Personal & Customized Coaching
When unhealthy patterns, habits, and results repeat themselves in your life you may hear yourself ask, “Why is this happening to me again?” The answer is simple: if you fail to surface, feel, and fully process negative fixed beliefs, they go on “autopilot”.
The Dis-Creation exercises I use with my clients effectively bring to light the mental and emotional roadblocks holding them back from living their best life. Learning how to dis-create negative, self-destructive programming, and how to reprogram your subconscious mind with healthy, holistic beliefs is an invaluable tool you will learn in my practice.
Once I’ve reviewed your unique case history and customized your life coaching sessions accordingly, we set about the work of co-creating the transformational changes you desire in your life, work, and relationships.
I show you how to elicit and activate your own inner wisdom using Exclusive, Proprietary HuMethod™ Coaching techniques.
Having completed the first half of life with its many highs, learning curves, disappointments and regrets, it’s time to embark on the ‘return journey’ – a deeper quest that is less about Doing and more about the quality of our Being in the world.
Emotionally healing from past wounds, and learning how to mine the intuitive wisdom of Spirit, are what pave the way for a richly invigorating second half of life.
In a word, it’s about coming home to the full flowering of our consciousness – to a deeper awareness of who we truly are, and what really matters in life. Coaching mature adults for whom psycho-spiritual growth and emotional healing are integral to their overall flourishing, is my singular area of interest and specialization.
Take this time to heal and renew your deepest sense of Self; to thrive and ultimately flourish!
Nurturing Intimate Relationships
In the Gaelic language the term Anam Cara means Soul Friend. It refers to an intimate relationship one would have at the soul level with a close mentor, friend, or lover.
But what does it take to be emotionally vulnerable, and to “bare one’s soul” with a significant other?
It takes emotional courage, mature communication, conscious listening, and the observing and correcting of less-than-perfect behavior as quickly as humanly possible. This is work! The relentless, but enduringly rewarding, work of a consciously awakened relationship. A relationship where mutual support and psycho-spiritual growth form the core essence of an intimate moral companionship.
If this sounds like what you’ve tried, but struggled to achieve in your relationships, it would be my honor to help co-create with you Relationship Mastery.
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