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Making an investment in yourself can feel daunting. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to help ease your mind:

As a graduate of the Holistic Learning Center, NJ – the only Spiritual Life Coaching School in North America – I have been extensively trained in the trademarked Life-altering HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises Supported By the Journal of American Medical Association Research. As well as obtaining my certification as a Spiritual Life Coach, I hold a M.Div degree in Theology & Anthropology, and in 2017 my debut book, Do It Anyway: Deep Spirituality Meets Real Life was published by Patheos Press. It is available on Amazon!

Yes! You can schedule an over-the-phone chat with me; and on this call I will gently introduce you to the psycho-spiritual methodology I use with clients. I will also give you a brief overview of what a customized client curriculum might look like, and answer any further questions you may have.

The HuMethod™ coaching exercises I use in my practice, are clinically proven, diagnostically based Life Coaching techniques, with decades of research and field-testing. These rigorously field-tested exercises, when practiced as prescribed, help the client achieve their Self-help goals in the shortest time possible.

The HuMethod™ system constitutes emotional, psychological, and self-nurturing exercises that maieutically help the client to consciously create permanent behavioral change.

The Maieutic Coaching Method is based on the concept that my client possesses an innate understanding of their Inner Truth which, in turn, validates their Self-awareness.

When facilitating Maieutic questions, I do not “evaluate, judge or analyze.”  Instead, I use clinically proven Maieutic questions, which direct my client to a resolution of their issues in a spiritually centered, safe, and serene manner. 

In a word, the Truth that my client seeks already dwells within her. I’m a professional coach, not a psychotherapist. I accompany my client and guide her, as she elicits her own Truth and healing from deep within.

No. The spiritual life coaching I facilitate in my practice is not affiliated with any religion, creed, doctrine, or dogma. It draws deeply from the tenets of psycho-spiritual and emotional healing as developed and taught by the Holistic Learning Center, INC.