Are You Walking the Grace Trail?

When Anne Barry Jolles hit an insurmountable wall in her life, “something” within told her that she needed to enter into “a state of grace.”

Not knowing what she was entering into, it soon transformed her life — and now thousands of other lives around the world. The one thing they all have in common, is the concept and practice which came to her in the midst of her personal trials: learning how to walk the Grace Trail.

Walking off their wars

When her son was serving in Afghanistan, she recalls listening to a documentary on the Appalachian trail. What particularly piqued her interest was to learn that many of the trekkers were returned vets who were “walking off their wars.”

Walking the trail had become their release valve in times of immense emotional turmoil and uncertainty.

In that moment Anne was inspired to create and walk her own “Grace Trail” to health, happiness and the path in life she felt called to walk — with conviction and purpose.


Not living close to the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Rim Trail on the West Coast, Anne decided to create her own trail near her home in Plymouth, MA.

She studded the trail with key “signposts” to grace in one’s life . .

– What am I Grateful for at this moment in my life? How might I express this gratitude on a daily basis? Am I living my life in a “spirit of gratitude?” What amazing, inspirational energy can be unlocked when I do?

R –  What do I need to Release in my life? A relationship that, notwithstanding my fullest participation and attention, has died a natural death? A grievance or resentment that has me perpetually imprisoned? Or a job that is killing me?

A – What do I need to Accept in my life right now? What or with whom do I need to find my peace?

C – How can I best Challenge myself now? To really grow . . to achieve spiritual Self-mastery? To be the best that I know I can be in this lifetime.

E – What are the infinite possibilities in life that await my full Embrace? Options I haven’t yet considered or explored? The informed and compassionate advice of a trusted mentor? Or the cornucopia of possibilities that lie before me, if I would only open my eyes.

No Limits

The beauty of Anne Barry Jolles’ Grace Trail, is that it can be practiced anywhere in any environment.

On the beach, in your local park, in your journal or on retreat. The location or method you use to enter into this “state of grace” matters little. What is key is that you take the time to deeply immerse yourself in the tenets of her simple, practical and inspirational teaching.

This simple spiritual practice might just hold the key to getting your life back on track.

And if “walking the Grace trail” inspires you to deep-dive and explore more fully, the mental and emotional roadblocks that have held you back for years, consider commiting to a series of life coaching sessions with me. I assure you, it will revolutionize how you see, feel, and experience your life – permanently!

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